2014 Election Endorsements

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LPOC has endorsed the following candidates for the November election:

Norm “Firecracker” Westwell, who is running for the Ocean View School District’s School Board
Brian Peotter, a candidate for the Costa Mesa Sanitary District’s Governing Board
Mike Healey, a candidate for the Lake Forest City Council

We also urge a NO vote on Measure GG, which will raise sales taxes by 1% in the City of Stanton. A sales tax increase will not only burden those least able to afford it, but it puts small business owners at a competitive disadvantage, as citizens have an incentive to shop in nearby cities instead (as Stanton would have the highest sales tax in the county).

Due to the fact that no candidates are running as Libertarians for statewide office, we were only able to endorse the following ballot propositions:

Proposition 1: Farmers not only use 80% of our water, according to the Pacific Institute, but they grow water-intensive crops like rice, cotton, and alfalfa (which consumes 1/8 of our fresh water) when we are asked to conserve. Never mind the fact that LA’s water usage is the same as it was in the 1980s, when a million fewer people lived there. Thus, we propose that farmers should pay for 80% of water infrastructure improvements, and we should not saddle everyone else, most of whom live in urban areas, with more debt. For this reason, LPOC endorses a NO vote.

Proposition 2: LPOC believes that local government is both more efficient and accountable. Proposition 2 tries to bring badly needed fiscal restraint to our state government in good economic times, but at the same time, it forces local school districts to reduce their reserves, which, in essence, makes them more dependent on the state. For this reason, LPOC endorses a NO vote.

Proposition 45: LPOC believes that the free market, not government regulation, will deliver better healthcare quality and lower prices. The insurance commissioner should not be given more power, which will likely result in political favoritism and higher costs than competition could provide. For this reason, LPOC endorses a NO vote.

Proposition 46: LPOC believes that the state should not set a hard limit on medical malpractice caps; instead, it should be up to individual juries. In this sense, this initiative is a step in the right direction. However, we cannot support something that mandates doctor drug tests, as we believe this is the responsibility of the hospital, not the government. For this reason, LPOC endorses a NO vote.

Proposition 47: LPOC diverges from the state party in that we believe that Proposition 47 goes too far, as it includes theft and fraud in the list of crimes that will receive reduced sentencing. Theft and fraud are acts of aggression, and therefore should not receive the same treatment as victimless crimes such as drug use, gambling, and prostitution. For this reason, LPOC endorses a NO vote.

Proposition 48: While LPOC would rather see an initiative to legalize gaming statewide, this proposal is one small step in the right direction. For this reason, this is the only statewide proposition that we think deserves a YES vote.


  1. I’m a Planning Commissioner in Stanton and I’m disappointed that you’re urging Stanton voters to vote no on GG. Please stop believing the twisted half truths and outright lies from the Lincoln Group who is not from Stanton nor has any interest here. Therefore, Stanton voters, vote YES ON GG!!

    1. Debi,

      Our NO endorsement was unanimous. I consider myself a very pragmatic person, but even I could not support Measure GG. The words that I put out are my own, not a rendition of what the Lincoln Club believes. If you look at the border between Pennsylvania and Delaware, the Delaware side has a ton of retail whereas the Pennsylvania side is mired in poverty. The difference? Delaware has no sales tax while Pennsylvania has a 6% sales tax. Now the difference in Stanton may not be as extreme, but it would still hurt retailers, especially small businesses. Crime, as you may point out, also hurts businesses, but property taxes would do far less damage to the local economy and still be an ample source of revenue.

      I believe that income and sales taxes are morally wrong, as they force people to give a portion of what they produce (back to the libertarian principle of self ownership) to the government (either through wages or sales of goods and services). The only tax which I support, which is more like a user fee than a tax, is a land value tax, because land values are not created by the individual but the community (which is why areas with good schools and safe streets have higher real estate prices). But due to California’s constitution, the closest we can get is a parcel tax. If this proposal was a parcel tax and instituted along with spending caps and pension reform, I think our endorsement vote would be much more evenly divided.

      Believe me, I understood when you told me about how the state took local governments and schools’ money. They are trying to do it again (albeit indirectly) with Proposition 2. Our state politicians are crooks, and while I support dedicated sources of funding that they cannot touch, I think sales tax increases are the wrong way to do it. I know you worked very hard on this campaign, and want to see the best for Stanton, but this is not something I can support.

      Ryan Hinds
      LPOC Chair

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