Action Alert – Signature Collection for SB277 Referendum

As you probably know, Governor Brown signed SB277 into law not allowing children to attend public or private school unless they have EVERY and ALL (at least 36) vaccines mandated by the CDC. No religious exemptions or personal beliefs exemptions are allowed under this bill.

The people for SB277 Referendum need every signature possible now to delay this government overreach draconian bill and get it on the ballot. There are approximately only 30 days left to collect signatures. Please go to the office website for SB277 Referendum and click on “Where to Sign” to find the location most convenient to you to sign this petition. THANK YOU!

Official Website:


  1. This is soooooo unconstitutional!!!! Maybe we can beat them at their own game not the law by the country, just the state! I wanna sign this petition 10 times over!

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