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Upcoming Meetup on February 9th (NEW VENUE)

Join us for our monthly social meetup on February 9th from 7pm to 9pm. Our Meetups are great informal venue to learn about the Libertarian Party and libertarianism in general. There is much going on. Elections and local, state, and national issues. Any and all topics are fair game to discuss. All are welcome, just […]

“The War on Video Games” – Orange County Libertarian Monthly Meetup

Don’t miss this month’s meetup where Tom Hanson will be speaking. His topic will be “The War on Video Games”. If you or your kids like to play, come learn about how our government wants to take that right away (rhyme intended). If you don’t know Tom, he has been chair of the Libertarian Party […]

Meet Gary Johnson and support opening up the presidential debates to third party candidates

The Libertarian Party’s Presidential nominee in 2012, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, will be here in Newport Beach for two events this month. The first is at 6:00 pm on Friday evening, September 26,2014, for a dinner at the Harborside Restaurant in the Balboa Pavilion, which is located at 400 Main Street on the […]

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