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If you have any questions or comments about our organization, feel free to let us know.
Phone: 714-643-LPOC (5762)
Mailing Address:
Libertarian Party of Orange County
PO Box 27871
Santa Ana, CA 92799-7871

The members of the Libertarian Party of Orange County’s Executive Board include:


  1. Hello,
    I am registered as an Independent, but end up voting mostly Libertarian. I was interested in possibly attending one of your monthly meetings there in Costa Mesa to check it out and maybe become a little more active in the political process. Is my registration as an Independent a problem?

    1. Hi Todd, traditionally we hold our meet ups the 2nd Tuesday of every month. You’re most welcome to attend, but we will gently attempt to evangelize you to switch your registration to the Libertarian Party. 😉 We will have other meet ups as well so stay in touch. Hope to see you soon!

      1. Understand that there is a monthly meeting on the 2nd Tues of the month.
        Could you pls advise where and what time for this coming Tuesday the 9th?

        Also, is there a communications vehicle where I may alert members to a legal system of avoiding withholding and quarterly estimated income tax confiscation? FYI…I left retirement, in Thailand to come back and carry the message. With the value of green papers collapsing and predictable chaos, it is not too late to convert some asserts to stronger currencies, held (legally as well) off shore.

    2. Hello Todd, Like Tom says you are welcome to attend.

      I have been told that the only way you can be registered as an independent is if you were registered as an independent before the “Decline to state” status was adopted. Is it possible that you are registered “American Independent”?

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