Eyes Are Opening

According to a Rasmussen poll, 53% of likely voters believe that “neither party in Congress is the party of the American people”.

That’s what we have been saying all along. Glad to see the majority of people agree.



  1. That doesn’t mean they think the LIbertarian Party or the Green Party is that party, either. Either one of the major parties will adjust or some kind of fusion party will emerge.

    1. The Libertarian Party at least has some decent growth going on. But that as well won’t in an of itself translate into success. It doesn’t hurt us though.

  2. My take on it is this:
    In the past, 49% thought Reps were the answer, 49% thought Dems were the answer, and they both thought the other 2% were kooks.
    Now, 24% trust the Reps, 23% trust the Dems, and 53% know the answer will come from the people who no longer sound kooky.

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