June 2016 Primary Voter Guide (Statewide Edition)

Next Tuesday June 7th, polls open for the State of California’s Primary Election.


Polls are open from 7am to 8pm.  Ample time for almost anyone to find the time to vote.  If you do have difficulty finding the time to vote, we recommend a voter re-register to vote and select the “Vote by Mail”  option.


That being said, on statewide matters, the list this year is mercifully short.


President of the United States:

We unanimously endorse Gary Johnson.


United States Senator:

With a mind-boggling number of candidates 12 Republicans, 7 Democrats, 11 Independents, 1 Green, and 1 Peace & Freedom running, this year anything can happen in the race for the Senate.  The Libertarian Party is fielding two candidates; Gail k. Lightfoot and Mark Matthew Herd.  We unanimously endorse voters select either Gail K.Lightfoot or Mark Matthew Herd. Given, the huge spread of candidates, It is mathematically possible for either Gail or Mark to move onto the November General Election, so please get out the vote!


Proposition 50:

There was some debate among officers concerning Prop.50.  While some of us understood the value of this type of initiative, others officers worried about this Amendment becoming “Weaponized”  to remove political enemies.  As our officers could not come a consensus, we cannot endorse a “yes” or “no” vote.


Don’t forget to get out and vote!


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