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"The Libertarian Party is happy to pick up where the old parties fail, so we thought it would be fitting to offer some information you won’t hear in the torrent of doom and gloom from our nation’s capital...Libertarians can provide a way out from the current politics of fear and division. We of...

The United States is the only nation considered to be democratic that uses ballot access laws to keep opponents of the two dominant, powerful political parties off the ballot even when those opponents have substantial public support.  Concerning ballot access, the United States has more in common wi...

It is likely that the Libertarian Party will have at least one nominee for a federal or state office on the ballot in all fifty states in November 2018, for the first time in a midterm year. In a few states, the party has no one on the ballot for statewide office. But in all those states, it will ha...

For the 2018 primary, there are three Assembly districts in which Libertarians filed as write-ins, and there is only one candidate on the primary ballot, so the three Libertarians will place second and be on the November ballot.

Brandon Reiser, Libertarian candidate running for Congress in California's 48th District, was featured in an article by Martin Wisckol in the Orange County Register.

"Brandon Reiser may be an underfunded third-party candidate vying for attention among nine challengers to Congressman Dana Rohraba...

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