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The Libertarian Party of Orange County opposes Measure A and Measure B. Orange County voters can expect similar tax increases on their ballots, in the coming years, as more cities struggle to maintain their budgets. Instead of imposing burdensome taxes on individuals and businesses, local government...

I am often asked how to tell if someone is "really" a libertarian.  There are probably as many different definitions of the word "libertarian" as there are people who claim the label. These range from overly broad ("anyone who calls himself a libertarian is one") to imp...

Why do people behave the way they do? The answer to this age-old, fundamental question is essential if someone plans to propose a rule to bring about a peaceful and prosperous community. If we understand why people behave the way they do, we can generally predict how they are apt to behave, given th...

We are looking for interesting and informative articles on current events, politics, history, ideas, and principles that present or explore the libertarian perspective: individual liberty, self-ownership, voluntary association, limited government, private property, free-market economics, individual...

The United States is the only nation considered to be democratic that uses ballot access laws to keep opponents of the two dominant, powerful political parties off the ballot even when those opponents have substantial public support.  Concerning ballot access, the United States has more in common wi...

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