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Libertarians stand for all of your freedoms, all of the time. The abolition of slavery was the greatest vindication of individual rights in American history, but government today still violates our rights in too many ways.

"The Libertarian Party is happy to pick up where the old parties fail, so we thought it would be fitting to offer some information you won’t hear in the torrent of doom and gloom from our nation’s capital...Libertarians can provide a way out from the current politics of fear and division. We of...

It is likely that the Libertarian Party will have at least one nominee for a federal or state office on the ballot in all fifty states in November 2018, for the first time in a midterm year. In a few states, the party has no one on the ballot for statewide office. But in all those states, it will ha...

The Libertarian Party states that the "Tax cuts without spending cuts benefit no one." The recent post on goes on to say:

Senate Republicans are finally marking up their tax reform plan. It’s still unclear what the details may be after lobbyists have had their say and the parochial interests o...

The Libertarian Party maintains that the "GOP failure to repeal Obamacare provides new opportunity for full repeal." The recent post on goes on to say:

On Sept. 26, Republicans once again failed to keep their promise of the last seven years to repeal Obamacare. After three dissenting senators...

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