Open Letter to the Libertarian Party

As I write this letter we stand at a crossroads in our political environment.  For one of the first times in many of our lives the American citizens have a true distaste for the direction of our federal government. They have grown tired of two voices in the Democrats and Republican Parties who only advocate more control and influence in the day-to-day life of ALL Americans. Today more Americans define themselves as independent politically.  The time is now to bring more voices and true competition into our political system and break the stranglehold the two major parties have on our system.

The Libertarian Party is the largest of the “third” parties and best positioned I become that new voice. How do we get a seat at the table? There is an argument to be made for a three-pronged effort to achieve the goal.

First part o this plan involves bringing “home” the politicians who are truly Libertarian or libertarian leaning. With a successful recruiting of incumbent politicians there would be little way for the mainstream media to ignore a block of Republican and Democratic officials who change party affiliation en-masse. This Act would bring the Libertarian Party more into the forefront of the American voting public as a legitimate party.

Imagine a day when the national Libertarian Party could boast a roster including former Rep. Dennis Kucinich, former Senator Russ Feingold, or even author Camille Paglia from the left. The roster could also include Rep. Tom McClintock, Senator Mike Lee, or Governor Nikki Haley among many other possibilities.

With recognition gained at the national level our financial expenditures can be used on statewide elections throughout the country. As a party we must build depth in our “bench”. Electing people to state assemblies, state senate, and governorships gives us a Foundation to climb higher and maintain the national presence.

The ability of national to focus on financial support of candidates at state level would free resources of state and county party organizations to focus on electing people to county and local offices.

Lastly as a party we must make better use of social media and technology. Gov. Gary Johnson has shown how to create interest in the party. He has effectively utilized Twitter, Google+, and YouTube among other sources to communicate his message to the audience.

The Libertarian Party can make more effective use of our online resources. We should be organizing live briefings via Google Hangouts, creating buzz for our brand with coordinated Twitter Bombs, or developing shows to deploy on our YouTube Channels. This is not a plea only to the national party; those of us at the state and local parties must do our part as best possible.

If we follow this three-point plan the Libertarian Party can become a major party in direct competition with the Democrats and Republicans. This is not an end of the discussion but merely a starting point for our long-term growth. It is my hope this can be the start of a true dialogue within our party on the best method or long term sustainable growth.

Please feel free to share your thoughts with me.

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