Several Libertarian candidates are running for local O.C. offices this November

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From the OC Politics Blog

While the Top Two Primary has made it tough for third party candidates to contend for legislative seats in California, there are four Libertarian candidates vying for local seats in Orange County in this November’s General Election.

The candidates include:

Peotter wrote what might be the most classic candidate’s ballot statement in the history of Orange County politics:

My primary reason to seek this position is to shut down the Costa Mesa Sanitary District. As Program Manager of Research and Development I solve problems every day. I want to use these skills to solve the problem of a redundant agency and work myself out of a job.

The Costa Mesa Sanitary District was created before Costa Mesa was incorporated. This is why we have this special district when most other cities do not. I believe after seventy years it is time to put this dinosaur of a bureaucracy out to pasture, and stop wasting money.

The Sanitary Board already contracts out most of the services we use. Transferring the management of these services to Mesa Water, or the City of Costa Mesa will allow for consolidation of employees, and reduction of overhead. To drive home the point that this board is unnecessary, did you know the current trash contract hasn’t been put out to bid since WWII? Consolidating this service is common sense and long overdue.

Vote for Brian Peotter so I can fire myself!

Westwell previously served on the Ocean View School District’s School Board until the teacher’s union helped to take him out a couple of years ago.  He is back now and we hope he prevails in November.  He previously was known for trying to legalize safe and sane fireworks in Huntington Beach.

Healey is a CPA who would bring sanity to a Lake Forest City Council that is beset by outright hacks and corrupt politicians who are in bed with local developers.

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