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OC Libertarian candidate is featured in O.C. Register

Brandon Reiser, Libertarian candidate running for Congress in California's 48th District, was featured in an article by Martin Wisckol in the Orange County Register.

"Brandon Reiser may be an underfunded third-party candidate vying for attention among nine challengers to Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, but the 32-year-old displays no hesitation in explaining his path to becoming the first bona fide Libertarian Party member to win a House seat.

The seven Democrats are going to split the ballots cast by Democrats, while he vies for votes of independent voters — a quarter of the district’s electorate. He also thinks he’ll pick up Republicans dissatisfied with the unorthodox GOP incumbent, who has made headlines for meetings with Russians and with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Because there are so many challengers, Reiser figures 15 percent of the vote next June will be enough to advance out of the top-two primary."

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