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  • Chris Ganiere

Do we NEED a Dear leader?

Most political movements have at their origin a leader, a person with charisma, someone that drives the movement.

We can look back on history and find people celebrated as being the leaders of political change.

In the Libertarian Party, we have had many notable people that have driven membership and party visibility to new heights. I remember David Nolan. David would attend LPOC events. He was a mechanical engineer. David was not exactly, the personality type to lead a political movement.

Do we need a bigger than life personality to lead the LPOC? Do we need someone to command our efforts? Do we need to suppress our own individuality to work together?

I think we can work independently to build liberty back into Orange County California. I think each one of us can spread the ideas of liberty. I think we can coordinate our efforts and lend a hand without one person giving orders.

What do you think?

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