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Join Our Social Media Team

As the Libertarian Party grows in Orange County, we're building the infrastructure necessary to increase awareness of the party, register new voters, and support Libertarian candidates. We can't do this without the help of all Orange County libertarians. We need volunteers who are committed to helping spread the Libertarian message and helping grow the Libertarian Party. If you're interested or have questions, please email us at

Social Media Team

We're looking for people to join our social media team to help us engage with, and inform, current and potential Libertarian voters. Social media messaging is a critical part of our strategy to inform the public about Libertarian Party events and positions on issues. A large time commitment is not required to be part of the team.

Social Media Volunteers

  • Help create regular social media content

  • Work independently and remotely: primarily communicate with other team members online

  • Should be able to communicate content in an informative and positive manner

  • Should be creative and enthusiastic

  • Should be familiar with libertarian philosophy and Libertarian Party positions on issues

  • Should be familiar with using major social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter

  • Proficiency with graphics or illustrative design is not required, but is helpful

Regardless of your experience or how much time you can dedicate, consider joining our social media team. Please email your contact information and any relevant skills or experience to

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We're looking for interesting and informative articles that present or explore the libertarian perspective.

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