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Resolution Opposing COVID-19 Restrictions That Violate People's Rights


WHEREAS, the principles of self-ownership and property rights ensure that no government has the authority to interfere with an individual’s bodily autonomy, freedom of movement, freedom of association, or voluntary exchange with others; and

WHEREAS, no person should be coerced into having medical procedures against their will; an individual’s medical status should be a confidential matter that is not used as a basis for discrimination or placing limits on freedom; and private individuals and businesses should be free to enter into voluntary contracts or commerce with one another; and

WHEREAS, creating separate classes of people, in order to restrict who is allowed to freely participate in activities, engage in commerce, earn a living, or travel within the United States, is abhorrent and contrary to individual liberty;

THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Libertarian Party of Orange County opposes all attempts by government to interfere with people's civil liberties, bodily autonomy, property rights, or livelihoods in response to COVID-19: We oppose government-mandated vaccine requirements or vaccine passports; government lockdowns, surveillance, or interference with voluntary contracts or commerce; and any other laws which violate the rights of individuals;

FURTHERMORE, we urge all City, County, and State governments and representatives to refuse to require, implement, or fund these types of policies—which are a grievous infringement against the rights and sovereignty of individuals—in their districts or jurisdictions.

Adopted by the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of Orange County on

September 13, 2021

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