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  • Chris Ganiere


It is widely known that people connect with stories. Jesus taught in parables. Aesop used fables. Many businesses are built on stories. Usually it is the story of a founder. Here is my libertarian story.

I grew up in a split house hold. One parent was part of the "D" party and the other part of the "R" party. Then something changed, The "R" parent joined the Libertarian Party. All of a sudden I got a stream of information about how the governments were wasteful and screwing up people's lives.

As a typical teen, I was resistant to the views of my parents, teachers, and religious leaders. I joined the out of favor "R" party. I voted for "R" candidates. And overtime, I began to have my eyes and ears opened to the waste, sins and wrong doing of the governments. I started looking into the record of governments. I started reading history. I started following current events. I read, 1984, Fahrenheit 451, and Brave New World.

Governments started looking like a collection of:

  • Broken promises

  • Massive propaganda campaigns

  • Shifting reporting

  • Programs that line the pockets of government workers

  • Violence against peaceful people

  • Wars to solve problems that never get won

  • Directed hate campaigns

I joined the Libertarian Party. I started going to Libertarian Party of Orange County of California meetings. With one of my parents, I attended California Libertarian Party Conventions. I attended a National Libertarian Party Presidential Nominating Convention. I ran for LPOC Central Committee - and won! I served on the LPOC Executive Committee. And now I am 2023 Chair of the LPOC Executive Committee.

What is your story? Let us know.

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