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title & bio

Submit your preferred title with the article. We may suggest a different title based on its length or to better grab the reader's attention.* 


Include a brief, one or two sentence, bio that we will use to identify you to our readers. 

*We will not publish substantive changes to your submission without your approval.

content & format

We publish nonfiction articles and opinion pieces. Do not submit works of fiction.


Articles should be interesting and timely, fair and well argued (with no straw men), and clearly written and formatted.


Your article should be formatted as a standard column and be 700 to 1400 words in length.


If you would like to submit a longer article, please contact us to discuss or consider splitting it into multiple articles.

Documentation & Sources

Your article should be supported with documented facts, quotations, and with attributions included in the text.


Online sources should have the URL embedded as part of the text. 


We will include a relevant image with every article. This image is seen in the main view of your article when it is posted or shared online. If you have a preferred image, submit it with your article.*  

*We may suggest a different image based on relevance or to better grab the reader's attention.

tone & audience

We want to attract a broad group of readers. Your article should be easy to read and written in plain language. Try to avoid jargon, too many "big words," and overly complex sentences. Humor and satire are welcome, but shouldn't be the main point of a piece. 


how to submit an article

  • Submit your article in an email to, in MS Word or Google Docs format.

  • Include the Title of your article and Author's Name in the subject line.

  • In the body of your email, include a few sentences that explain the main idea of your article.

  • Include a brief, one or two sentence, bio that we will use to identify you to our readers.

  • Please allow 5 to 10 business days for us to respond to your message. 

  • The Libertarian Party of Orange County does not ask for exclusive rights to any article you submit.

  • We do reserve the right to distribute, in any format, articles we have accepted for publication.

  • If you have already published your article on another website or your personal blog, you may include the URL to that other source with your submission and we will include a link to it when we publish your article. 

publishing rights

  • Any article should be written to attract a broad readership.

  • We want to inform the public about the Libertarian Party, libertarian principles, and our solutions to issues. 

  • We appreciate your hard work, so please don't take it personally if we decline to publish your article.

  • There may be any number of reasons your article may not be a good fit for us to publish at any given time.

  • Feel free to submit another article on a different topic.

article approval

The Libertarian Party of Orange County believes in freedom of speech and in freedom of association. Having established that, we do not believe that promoting racism, bigotry, or conspiracy theories advances our mission or goals and, as such, we will not publish articles promoting or advocating those topics.

We're looking for interesting and informative articles to publish on our blog about current events, politics, history, ideas, and principles that present or explore the libertarian perspective.

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