We Need Your Help To Have A Booth At The Orange International Street Fair…

Dear Libertarian:

The Orange International Street Fair is rapidly approaching! The Libertarian Party of Orange County has participated in this event annually as our major outreach activity; and this year we need your help. This year’s event will be the weekend of September 2.

Thousands of people attend this event every year, and our booth typically stays busy with people desiring to learn about alternatives to the major parties. And, this year should be the best year ever considering how hated Hillary and The Donald are!

We use this opportunity to do several things, including:

• Register New Libertarians to Vote
• Sign-up New Libertarian Members
• Accept Donations
• Raise Awareness of the Libertarian Party

Our volunteers administer the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, which provides a fast and fun assessment of a person’s political views. We also distribute Libertarian Party literature and engage the public in friendly conversation about our party!

The cost to have a booth at this event is $900.00. The cost to stock the booth with current LP literature, a timely banner and other necessary supplies is $300.00.

Will you help us to participate in this important event? The republicans and democrats have handed us a perfect storm of opportunity – please help us take advantage of it by donating today.

You can make a direct donation or become a member by CC via this link:


If you wish to donate by check, please make your donation payable to the Libertarian Party of Orange Count and mail to:

Libertarian Party of Orange County

PO Box 27871

Santa Ana, CA. 92799

Sadly, we cannot accept any donation over $5,000.

Help us spread the message of liberty and make this event a huge success!

Thank You

Brian Kelly
Chairman – LPOC


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